8 Reasons To Choose 2xEDGE (Hint: It's Better By Design)

8 Reasons To Choose 2xEDGE (Hint: It's Better By Design)

You have a lot of landscape & garden edging options. The 2xEDGE solution is different.

A new and innovative approach to landscape edging, 2xEDGE is better by design, supplying more grip, more stability, more utility.

Just as important, you aren't locked in to the dimensions of a landscape edging kit or a manufacturer's limited color selection.

With 2xEDGE you can create landscape edging and garden borders to your exact specifications. Materials, dimensions colors: your choice.

But wait - there's more!

1. Edging you can customize.

2xEDGE works with any type of lumber: wood, wood composite, plastic - your choice. Use lumber in a variety of off-the-shelf heights and lengths or cut your lumber to your exact specifications. Plus - apply paint or stain to suit your unique design.

2. Edging that lasts longer.

2xEDGE wraps around lumber, keeping it intact and free of screw and nail holes that can weaken it. Your edging, wrapped in 16 gauge steel, will be viable longer.

3. Edging that stays where you put it.

2xEDGE is four times wider than a standard landscape nail, providing four times more grip. Your edging stays where you intended it to be.

4. Edging that won't tip over.

2xEDGE straddles lumber, fastening it to the ground on both sides to supply two times more stability than a nail. Your edging will stay upright.

5. Edging that's fast and easy to install.

2xEDGE requires just one tool - a rubber mallet - to install your choice of lumber. And it's no dig/no drill: you won't spend time digging trenches or drilling holes for screws or nails.

6. Edging that's easy to extend, reposition, and repair.

2xEDGE holds each piece of lumber independently to the ground. You'll have modular edging that's easy to change up and maintain. And if you do change things up you won't leave unsightly trenches all over your property.

7. Edging that offers more utility.

2xEDGE is designed to stand lumber upright without burying it in a trench. You get maximum usable edging material above ground. If you choose to use wood lumber for edging it stays drier because it's not buried in the ground, which adds to its longevity.

8. Edging that's unique.

2xEDGE lets you easily use the substantial yet streamlined profile of two-by lumber in your landscape. Your edging is distinctly different from typical, landscape lumber profiles like railroad ties, landscape timbers, 4x4 posts.

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