How Many Staples Do You Need?

Here are two easy ways to assess how many staples you'll need for your project.

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Project Calculator

Are you trying to accomplish a project that requires a run of lumber end to end such as a long border between grass and mulch/gravel?

Give our project calculator a try!


Example Projects

Are you making a garden bed, tree ring, or other standard shape that you want to put edging around?

Check out our example projects to quickly learn how many staples typical projects require.


More info

Download "Example Projects" (PDF) for more edging ideas.

Download "How to Install 2xEDGE on Lumber" (PDF) for complete installation info including how to use 2xEDGE Staples with lumber that's longer than 10-feet.

Read "Landscape Edging: An Apples-to-Apples Price Comparison" to find out how 2xEDGE compares on price with a variety of popular edging options including rubber, plastic, cement, and other products.