2xEDGE creator wearing neon pink shorts and holding two 2xEDGE staples in her hands

    Do it yourself in hours, not days.

    One-tool installation. Place, tap, done - no digging or drilling.

    Move and reuse. Try out design ideas and garden locations.

    Make it yours. Add finishing touches - paint, stain - to suit your space.

    Short animation that rotates through 2xEDGE Bundles - raised bed, garden border repair, tree surround, parking strip, and landscape edging

    Get started with a bundle

    Bundles are starter packs for typical landscaping and gardening projects. The same 2xEDGE staples, organized around your project needs.

    • Leaf graphic that represents 2xEDGE as a 100% natural solution

      100% natural

      An edging solution that ages gracefully in your landscape. (No plastic!)

    • Iron bar graphic that represents 2xEDGE as made of durable recyclable steel

      Durable raw steel

      Made of 16-gauge raw steel, a long-lasting, endlessly  recyclable material.

    • US map graphic with midwest pinned that represents 2xEDGE as made in the USA

      Made in the USA

      2xEDGE staples are fabricated in the US Midwest.

    A photo of two 2x4s meeting at a corner, held in place with 2xEDGE staples, with mulch, grass, and a hosta

    Landscape Edging: An Apples-to-Apples Price Comparison

    Find out how the 2xEDGE solution compares on price with a variety of popular edging options.


    Durable and long lasting -  pressure treated and cedar lumber lasts for many years.

    Readily available at “big box” stores, local hardware stores and lumber yards.

    A variety of edging heights and lengths are available off-the-shelf.

    Paint or stain to create truly unique designs, or let it season for a weathered look.

    A distinctly different, streamlined profile compared to typical wood edging options such as railroad ties and landscaping timbers.

    • "Super satisfied"

      This literally takes minutes to install with a mallet. I hate the look of most landscape edging, but this looks so clean and seamless. Overall super satisfied and would definitely recommend this product! ~ Rachel

    • "Wonderful!"

      Used these to shore up my old garden bed borders. Wonderful! It literally took me a minute (and it was that long because I had to shovel a little to align the last board)! ~Laurie

    • "So-simple"

      These "staples" are one of those so-simple ideas I can't believe it doesn't already exist. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple, good-looking, easy (almost tool-free), solution. ~Gabi

    • "Incredibly easy"

      The 2xEDGE product was incredibly easy to install and has given our Chicago front yard an instant upgrade.... Offers a modern, clean look without being fussy or too heavy. We love the product and the final result. ~Mollie


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