Installer holding a rubber mallet as it strikes the top of a 2xEDGE Staple to secure 2x4 lumber to the ground.

Using wood for landscape edging is quick & easy with 2xEDGE Staples

Here's how to make wooden garden edging in just three steps:

  1. Place your lumber on the ground.
  2. Place a 2xEDGE Staple over the lumber.
  3. Tap the staple into place. 
2xEDGE creator holding a staple in each hand to show front and side views.jpg

DIY wood edging that takes just minutes

Fast one-tool installation. Pound in landscape edging that takes just a rubber mallet to install.

No dig edging. No need to dig a trench or drill holes for screws or nails.

Easily move and re-use. Pull up installed staples and lumber, re-locate, and tap into place.

  • 2xEDGE Staples are made in the USA out of 16 gauge raw steel (illustration).

    2xEDGE Staples are made in the USA out of 16-gauge steel, a durable, long lasting, endlessly recyclable material.

  • Satin black 2xEDGE staple installed on treated lumber to create flower bed with irises.

    Satin Black Staple

    Powder coated steel in a lustrous satin black finish. Resists rust, UV-rated, adds a modern industrial aesthetic to your landscape and garden design.

  • Rustic steel 2xEDGE staple installed on treated lumber to create flower bed with marigolds.

    Rustic Steel Staple

    Raw steel that gains a rust patina. The original 2xEDGE staple adds rustic character to your outdoor spaces and ages gracefully in your landscape.


Special volume pricing on staples

Fall pricing is in effect through the Winter Solstice (first day of Winter) - 12/21/2023.

  • Special volume pricing through December 21st; buy 1 to 5 staples and save 5% on all staples purchased.
  • Special volume pricing through December 21st; buy 6 to 10 staples and save 10% on all staples purchased.
  • Special volume pricing through December 21st; buy 11 to 15 staples and save 15% on all staples purchased.
  • Special volume pricing through December 21st; buy 16 or more staples and save 20% on all staples purchased.

Tools & Accessories

The tools you need to succeed!

Grab everything you need to make fast work of your 2xEDGE installation and build your collection of go-to tools for years of future DIY projects.

Hey! 2xEDGE Gift Cards!

New! Give the gardener, landscaper, or DIYer in your life a gift they'll love now and appreciate over the years. Easy, thoughtful, convenient.


    MAKE A


    Keep your trees happy! Make a mulch bed that keeps roots cool in summer and warm in winter, and provides nutrients all year long.

    EDGE A


    Ready to up your curb appeal and tackle that parking ("hell") strip you've been meaning to get to? Make quick work of this project with 2xEDGE Staples.



    If you've already got lumber in place - reuse it! Extend the life of your old garden borders and existing edging.



    Edge along paths and around islands. Create your next-gen landscape designs.

    MAKE A


    Flower beds, vegetable plantings, herb gardens - raised beds are fast and easy to install.

    2xEDGE Satin Black Staples installed on treated lumber to create a raised garden bed with hosta.

    Landscape Edging: An Apples-to-Apples Price Comparison

    Wondering how much it costs to install landscape edging? Find out how the 2xEDGE solution compares on price with a variety of popular edging options.


      Durable and long lasting -  pressure treated and cedar lumber lasts for many years.

      Readily available at “big box” stores, local hardware stores and lumber yards.

      A variety of edging heights and lengths are available off-the-shelf.

      Paint or stain to create truly unique designs, or let it season for a weathered look.

      A distinctly different, streamlined profile compared to typical wood edging options such as landscaping timbers.

      A safe wood edging option. No questionable preservatives such as creosote commonly found in railroad ties.

      • "Great product"

        What a great idea, they seem to work well and very easy to install. I had a minor problem with my order and the owner (Lisa) went out of her way to make it right. Great to deal with, if I ever need them for anything else I would purchase them again. Thanks. ~Ron

      • "Cute and easy to install"

        I LOVE this product! I've never used an edging, but this summer the floppy flowers and creeping weeds compelled me to search out a border I could use for my plant beds. I chose the satin black staples and paired them with cedar-stained wood. My garden has never looked better! ~Therese

      • "Super satisfied"

        This literally takes minutes to install with a mallet. I hate the look of most landscape edging, but this looks so clean and seamless. Overall super satisfied and would definitely recommend this product! ~ Rachel

      • "Wonderful!"

        Used these to shore up my old garden bed borders. Wonderful! It literally took me a minute (and it was that long because I had to shovel a little to align the last board)! ~Laurie

      • "So-simple"

        These "staples" are one of those so-simple ideas I can't believe it doesn't already exist. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple, good-looking, easy (almost tool-free), solution. ~Gabi

      • "Incredibly easy"

        The 2xEDGE product was incredibly easy to install and has given our Chicago front yard an instant upgrade.... Offers a modern, clean look without being fussy or too heavy. We love the product and the final result. ~Mollie


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