How To Install 2xEDGE Staples

Got a few minutes?

Great 'cause that's all you need to install 2xEDGE staples!

In just three steps and a few taps of a rubber mallet - RELAX! - your project is done. (Check out our project guides and plans.) 

Video: all the steps

This short video shows the entire installation process. The detailed steps below supply complete instructions.

Tools you'll need

As with any project where you're using hand and/or power tools, we suggest you wear hand and eye protection.

Required tools

  • 16 ounce rubber mallet

Optional tools

  • Saw (hand saw, circular saw, miter saw, etc.)
  • Speed square (to ensure your corners are set at the angle you desire)
  • Tape measure
  • Tools, e.g., garden trowel, hand rake, etc., for clearing the ground where you want to install your two-by lumber


For the best result, use a 16 ounce rubber mallet to install your 2xEDGE staples.

Installing 2xEDGE staples with a regular hammer will likely dent and deform the top - or crown - of the staple. Using a rubber mallet will make 2xEDGE installation fast and easy, and the end result will be a snug fitting 2xEDGE staple with crisp, clean lines.


Place your lumber where you want it, ensuring it’s perpendicular to the ground, and then place the 2xEDGE staple over the lumber where you want to install it.


Using the thumb and fingers of your free hand, grip the 2xEDGE staple and hold each leg against the lumber in order to support the legs while you tap the staple into place with your rubber mallet.


With a firm grip on the 2xEDGE staple and your lumber, strike the 2xEDGE squarely on its crown with your mallet until it’s sitting level on your lumber and your lumber is firmly attached to the ground.