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Speed Square

Speed Square

The handy Swanson Tools speed square will help you find your angles, draw straight cut lines, guide your saw, and more!
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Speed squares, also called triangle rulers, are a tool box staple. And this speed square, created and sold by Swanson Tools (founded in 1945), definitely should be in your tool box.

Creating planting beds? Use your speed square to ensure that the edging around your beds has 90-degree corners.

Figuring out where to cut your lumber? Your speed square helps you find and then draw a dead straight cut line.

Using a circular saw to make a cut? Use your speed square as a saw guide.

So many uses for speed squares!

This handy tool will up your DIY game and come in handy in a variety of landscaping and home renovation DIY projects.


Manufacturer: Swanson Tools

Model name: 8 in. Speedlite® Square

Model number: T0118

Size: 8 inches

Materials: Structural composite


  • Made of lightweight yet sturdy material - it won't weigh your tool belt down.
  • Despite its light weight the square is high impact.
  • Bright orange color makes it easy to locate.
  • Markings are engraved, not painted on - will not scrape or wear off.
  • Composite material won't mar finishes.
  • Notches on the 1/8 inch make it easy to draw scribing lines.
  • Beveled edge makes it easy to read.

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