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Lisa Brooks, creator of 2xEDGE, holding a 2xEDGE staple

I'm Lisa Brooks and I created 2xEDGE staples.

I'm no different from anyone else when I find intriguing, potentially useful products online.

I want to know: who's involved with this company? What kind of people am I dealing with? Can I trust that all of this is real? Can this product really work for me?

I get it! Here's my story.

If there's dirt, I'll turn it into a garden

I'm a California kid (born in ‘60s San Francisco) and a hobby gardener. I've been gardening for years, starting in my early 30s when I moved to Chicago.

An apartment building backyard garden created by 2xEDGE creator Lisa Brooks

As an apartment dweller, I learned to container garden. Then I bought a house and really started developing my green thumb.

I now own and live in a small apartment building. For the last decade I've loved creating an outdoor space for me and my neighbors, who happen to be my tenants, to enjoy.

I grow plants from seed, share transplants with friends, and grab all sorts of objects from Chicago alleys to use in my gardens. Best score to date: A copper bird bath (visible in the bottom left corner of the garden photo above).


I've always been a maker. Gardening for me includes a lot of making: trellises, planter boxes, garden furniture, brick patios, and decks (like the one I built below).

I guess 2xEDGE popping into my brain isn't much of a stretch.

A deck built by 2xEDGE creator Lisa Brooks surrounded by landscape edging installed with 2xEDGE staples

Small business is in my DNA

I come from generations of small business owners. My maternal grandparents were tailors who owned and ran a tailor shop in Chicago. My parents owned a photography studio in Berkeley, California for 20 years which is where I started learning the ins and outs of small business as a kid, and where I worked through my late teens.

In addition to being a landlord for a decade now, I've owned a web design business, co-created a small technical nonprofit, and now I run 2xEDGE LLC full-time.

Getting 2xEDGE into gardens everywhere is my mission

I first thought about stapling lumber to the ground for use as landscape edging and garden borders in Spring of 2021. By the Fall of that year I had a working prototype in hand. went live in Spring 2022.

Along the way I've worked with terrific small businesses and freelance experts. And now I get to meet terrific customers. 

All to say, I'm no stranger to the great adventure that is small business, customer service, and delivering great results for customers.

Delivering 2xEDGE to you is no different. I'm confident you'll get great results using 2xEDGE staples.

Let's connect!

If you have questions or need help in your journey with 2xEDGE - or just want to say hello - I'm here and I'd genuinely love to hear from you!

2xEDGE creator Lisa Brooks holding a piece of lumber with a 2xEDGE staple balanced on center.