About 2xEDGE

An invention inspired by a tick bite

I'm Lisa Brooks (she/her) and I created 2xEDGE.

Over the years I've had some good ideas and some not so good ideas.

2xEDGE is one of my good ideas.

It's also the only one (so far) that was inspired by a tick bite. Here's the story.

Lisa Brooks holding a 2x4 with a 2xEDGE straddling the lumber

In Fall 2020, a 7-acre property situated in a forest entered my life. I was on my way to becoming a forest creature until a tick decided I was dinner.

Being a city kid, I didn't know much about ticks. That one bite changed all of that.

I learned all about ticks in a hurry. Things like ticks don't like to travel on wood chips, or mulch, so put down a thick layer of the stuff in commonly traveled areas.

Getting wood chips in large quantities was the easy part. Containing all those wood chips to maintain a thick layer of it wasn't so easy.

Especially...when you're particular...like me....

I shopped around but didn't like my options.

Options like rolls of plastic/vinyl edging that we all know fails soon after install.

Or options like cement pavers that don't offer a natural look that would blend in with the woodsy landscape. Also, I didn't want to lug cement pavers across acres. No.

And then there were the wood options which tended toward big, heavy landscape lumber. Wrong again.

I wanted something lighter and more streamlined.

I started wondering: why not 2x4s?

I had some 2x4 lumber laying around and I liked its profile in comparison to the thicker landscape timber options.

I needed to figure out how to stand the 2x4 up on its thin edge to contain the required tick deterring thick layer of mulch.

I didn't want to drill holes and used landscape spikes as that would have introduced weakness in the wood.

Also, how many times have we seen landscape lumber pegged to the ground yet tilted to the side with ends all akimbo. No!

I thought, "I need a way to staple these 2x4s to the ground...."

And 2xEDGE was born.

I figured other folks might want to use 2xEDGE.

It really is a simple-to-use landscape edging option that makes it possible for anyone to create a sustainable metal + wood aesthetic in their landscape.

So I set up shop online to get 2xEDGE out into yards, gardens, and landscapes everywhere!

I'd love to hear from you about what you're up to in your landscape and your experience with 2xEDGE! Get in touch!