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Want to create landscape edging & garden borders with lumber?


2xEDGE Satin Black Staples installed on treated lumber to create a raised garden bed with hosta.

Give 2xEDGE a try.

Use 2xEDGE (two-by edge) Staples and transform two-by (2x) lumber into landscape edging and borders suitable for all of your landscape and garden edging projects.

Right-sized lumber edging that lasts

Choose any lumber up to 2x6” that's right-sized for your project.

Installation requires:

✔ no nails
✔ no screws
✔ no trench digging

2xEDGE Staples wrap around your lumber keeping it intact, and installs lumber to (not in) the ground, keeping it dryer.

No holes and mimimal moisture means no wood rot, adding years of useful life to your wood edging.

    • The correct way to grip a 2xEDGE Staple that's been placed over 2x4 lumber with a focus on where to place the fingers.

      STEP 1

      Place your lumber on the ground.

    • The correct way to grip a 2xEDGE Staple that's been placed over 2x4 lumber with a focus on where to place the thumb.

      STEP 2

      Place a 2xEDGE Staple over the lumber.

    • A person striking the top of a 2xEDGE Staple with a mallet to install 2x4 lumber as landscape edging.

      STEP 3

      Tap the staple into place.

    • 2xEDGE Staples are made in the USA out of 16 gauge raw steel (illustration).

      16 gauge steel. Made in the USA.

      All of our staples are made in the US Midwest out of 16 gauge steel, an endlessly recyclable material. We offer coated and uncoated options - both are durable and long lasting.

    • Rustic Steel (uncoated)

      The original 2xEDGE Staple is made with raw steel and will gain a rust patina, aging gracefully in your landscape. Add rustic character to your outdoor spaces with the staple that gets better over time.

    • Powder coated colors & tones

      Our powder coated staples resist rust and are UV-rated. Eight colors and tones to choose from. Add a pop of color to your landscape and garden design.

      Wood edging that lasts longer.

      2xEDGE wraps around lumber, keeping it intact and free of screw and nail holes that can weaken it.

      Wood edging that stays where you put it.

      ✔ 2xEDGE Staples are four times wider than a standard landscape nail, providing four times more grip.

      Wood edging that won't tip over.

      ✔ 2xEDGE straddles lumber, fastening it to the ground on both sides to supply two times more stability than a nail.

      Wood edging that's easy to extend, reposition, and repair.

      ✔ 2xEDGE holds each piece of lumber independently to the ground to create modular edging that's easy to change up and maintain. (If you do change things up, you won't leave unsightly trenches all over your property.)

      Wood edging that offers more utility.

      2xEDGE is designed to stand lumber upright without burying it in a trench giving you maximum usable edging material above ground. (And your wood lumber stays drier because it's not buried in the ground, which adds to its longevity.)

      2x lumber makes great edging

      ✔ Durable and long lasting -  dimensional two-by (2x) lumber is substantial and will last for many years.

      ✔ Readily available at “big box” stores, local hardware stores and lumber yards.

      ✔ A variety of edging heights and lengths are available off-the-shelf.

      ✔ Paint or stain to create truly unique designs, or let it season for a weathered look.

      ✔ A safe wood edging option. No questionable preservatives such as creosote commonly found in railroad ties.

      ✔ A distinctly different, streamlined profile compared to typical wood edging options such as landscaping timbers.

      A hexagon-shaped tree ring made with 2xEDGE Staples and pressure treated 2x4 lumber

      Tackle all of your lumber edging projects:

      ✔ Flower bed borders

      ✔ Garden borders

      ✔ Garden paths

      ✔ Raised garden beds

      ✔ Lawn edging

      ✔ Unique tree rings

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are 2xEDGE Staples made of?

      2xEDGE staples are made in the USA out of 16 gauge steel.

      Where are 2xEDGE Staples manufactured?

      We manufacture our staples in Chicago, Illinois where we've partnered with small, family-owned companies to handle metal fabrication and powder coating.

      What size lumber works with 2xEDGE?

      2xEDGE staples work with common two-by lumber sizes: 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 2x6.

      What are the dimensions of 2xEDGE Staples?

      Our staples are 1-3/4" wide and 9-1/2" long.

      Does 2xEDGE work with any type of lumber?

      2xEDGE will work with dimensional two-by (2x) lumber that is 1-1/2" thick and up to 5-1/2" high regardless of what the lumber is made of - wood (pressure treated, untreated, cedar, redwoood, etc.), wood composite, or plastic.

      How do I install 2xEDGE Staples?

      Creating landscape edging and garden borders with 2xEDGE requires just one tool - a 16 ounce rubber mallet. No digging or drilling is needed.

      To install you just place lumber on the ground, place a staple over the lumber, and tap the staple into place. That's it.

      Is 2xEDGE sold in brick & mortar stores?

      Currently 2xEDGE staples are only available to purchase online through our store at www.2xedge.com.

      Steel is pretty heavy. Who pays for shipping?

      We cover the cost of shipping anywhere in the continental USA. And that includes return shipping. Here are complete details about our shipping policy.

      What is your return policy?

      We offer 30 day no-hassle returns and we cover the shipping cost of returns. Here are complete details about our return policy.

      If I run into any issues how can I contact you?

      We're here for you!

      We are in the office and available to answer questions and troubleshoot with you Monday through Friday 9am-5pm CST (we're located in Chicago).

      During our office hours please don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 773-548-2653, or via chat on our website.

      You can also email us anytime at hello@2xedge.com.

      A statement of confidence by the creator of 2xEDGE with photo

      About 2xEDGE

      Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, 2xEDGE LLC manufactures and sells 2xEDGE Staples, the company's flagship landscape edging product.

      2xEDGE Staples are an innovative approach to easy landscape edging and garden borders made of wood. With 2xEDGE, anyone can transform common two-by lumber into long lasting wood edging in minutes with just a rubber mallet. No digging or drilling is required.

      Have a question or need support? Please don't hesitate to contact us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm CST via chat on our website or by phone at 773-548-2653. Or email us anytime at hello@2xedge.com.

      2xEDGE LLC
      Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, USA
      Phone: 773-548-2653
      Email: hello@2xedge.com
      Website: https://2xedge.com

      Made in the USA | Woman owned & operated | Patent pending

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