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2xEDGE Wooden Landscape Edging & Garden Border Staples, Satin Black, DIY, No Dig

2xEDGE Wooden Landscape Edging & Garden Border Staples, Satin Black, DIY, No Dig


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Transform "two-by" lumber into wood landscape edging and garden borders. Install in minutes with a rubber mallet.

16 gauge powder coated steel in a lustrous satin black finish. This staple resists rust, is UV-rated, and adds a modern industrial aesthetic to your landscape and garden design.

No digging or drilling. Works with common two-by lumber: 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 2x6.


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The tools you need to succeed


16 gauge steel, powder coated (anti-corrosion, UV-rated)

Outer dimensions

  • 1-3/4” wide
  • 1-3/4” deep
  • 9-1/2” long

Inner dimensions

  • 1-5/8” wide
  • 9-7/16” long

Works with two-by lumber up to 2x6"

Common lumber options:

2x2 (actual size: 1-1/2” x 1-1/2”)

2x3 (actual size: 1-1/2” x 2-1/2”)

2x4 (actual size: 1-1/2” x 3-1/2”)

2x6 (actual size: 1-1/2” x 5-1/2”)

Common two-by lumber lengths: 4', 6', 8', and 10'.

Installation requirements

✔️ 2xEDGE staples

✔️ 16 ounce rubber mallet

✔️ Two-by lumber of your choice

Mallet and lumber not included with your 2xEDGE staple purchase.

  • Easy to use

    Don’t give up your entire weekend to make garden beds and borders! 2xEDGE installs in minutes with just a rubber mallet. Special skills: not required. Work less, relax more. Get it done and get back to fun!

  • Edging stays where you put it

    Don’t waste time straightening and replacing edging that fails you again and again. 2xEDGE has four times the gripping power of a landscape nail. You’ll install once, securely.

  • Long lasting results

    Drilling holes in wood opens it up to rot and speeds up deterioration. Protect your investment. Don’t drill through it! Wrap your edging in steel to keep it intact and viable for years.

  • Change your mind? Change it up!

    Easily layout lumber and try out designs. If you revise your garden plan after installing pull up staples and lumber and simply move and re-use.

  • A healthy edging alternative

    Avoid bringing questionable and harmful chemicals, such as creosote found in railroad ties, into your backyard. Easily use all-natural cedar, redwood, and untreated pine that you can seal yourself.

  • A sustainable solution

    Wood weathers and steel gains a rust patina. Both age gracefully in your landscape. Choose metal and wood, not plastic and composites, and create eco-friendly outdoor spaces right down to the landscape edging you choose. 

  • The correct way to grip a 2xEDGE Staple that's been placed over 2x4 lumber with a focus on where to place the fingers.
  • The correct way to grip a 2xEDGE Staple that's been placed over 2x4 lumber with a focus on where to place the thumb.
  • A person striking the top of a 2xEDGE Staple with a mallet to install 2x4 lumber as landscape edging.

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Black Metal + Wood: Perfect Landscape & Lawn Edging

Looking for a way to quickly create garden areas around your property?

Thinking about using metal landscape edging?

2xEDGE (Two by Edge) is a unique approach to garden edging that lets you create a metal + wood edging solution in no time for all of your residential projects and commercial projects too.

2xEDGE Black Satin Staples are made in the USA out of durable, long lasting 16 gauge steel. The powder coat finish resists rust and is UV-rated so the black finish won't fade or crack.


Use 2xEDGE with 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, and 2x6 lumber* (which is affordable and easy to get at “big box” stores, local hardware stores and lumber yards) and create your ideal lawn edging, garden border edging - any and all long lasting landscape edging wherever you need it.

With 2xEDGE you’ll simply staple "two-by" lumber to the ground to effortlessly make wooden garden edging with a distinctly different profile compared to typical wood edging options such as railroad ties, 4x4 posts, and landscape timbers.

Unlike all-metal landscape edging (steel lawn edging, aluminum edging) 2xEDGE gives you the option to design your outdoor space with the beautiful combination of metal and wood.

Install your edging in minutes with just a rubber mallet. Each staple you tap into place adds subtle accents along clean lines of all natural wood. 

The result is gorgeous metal + wood landscaping edging.

Benefits of using 2xEDGE Black Satin Staples

Easy to customize

Two-by lumber comes in a variety of edging heights and lengths available off the shelf. Choose the height and length that suits your project, or easily cut your lumber with typical woodworking tools to create just the right length for your needs.

Use oil or water-based stain or paint your lumber to suit your unique landscape and garden design vision.

Easy to extend

Extending or replacing a section of edging is a straightforward task with 2xEDGE. That's because 2xEDGE Staples fasten each piece of your structure to the ground - not to each other. The result is strong, modular edging and garden borders.

Easy to maintain

2xEDGE Black Satin Staples have a tough powder coat finish so fire up your mower and whip out your string trimmer without worry. 

Routine landscape maintenance is easy when you have edging installed that clearly marks your garden areas. 

DIY in minutes

If quick edging installation is what you're after, try 2xEDGE. It takes just one tool - a rubber mallet - to install your edging in minutes.

Simply place lumber on the ground, place a staple over the lumber, and tap the staple with the mallet to secure your lumber to the ground. That's it! No digging is required.

Edging that lasts a long long time

​Use 2xEDGE with lumber suited for ground contact such as pressure treated or cedar lumber to make edging and garden borders that will last for years. 

Movable, reusable edging

If you change your mind after installing your edging, just pull up the staples and lumber, place them where you want them, and re-install. 2xEDGE's no dig solution won't leave trenches and holes behind in your landscape.

Use for any edging project

​Combine 2xEDGE and the two-by lumber of your choice to easily install flower beds, raised beds - bed edgings of all types, borders along garden paths and walkways, tree rings, lawn edging, and more.

Modern landscape design? Can do!

The 2xEDGE wood + metal edging solution is a great way to create clean, straight lines with uniform thickness that are especially suited to modern landscape and garden design.

Give 2xEDGE Staples a try -

You'll receive your order quickly and the shipping cost is on us. Not only will you get fast and FREE shipping, we offer free return shipping too! Our current delivery times are 2-4 days.

* 2xEDGE Staples work with dimensional two-by lumber made of composite wood or plastic as well as solid wood. As long as the lumber of your choice is no larger than 2x6, it will work with 2xEDGE.

Wood stays viable longer

With 2xEDGE your edging remains intact. There’s no need to drill a hole through your lumber for screws or nails and introduce weak spots that speed up rot and deterioration.

More gripping power

2xEDGE staples are more than twice as wide as the head of a landscape nail, and more than four times as wide as the nail shank, meaning your lumber is securely fastened to the ground.

Twice the holding capacity

2xEDGE staples wrap around your lumber holding it in place on each side so that it’s less prone to tipping and movement. Landscape nails offer only one fastening point; 2xEDGE supplies two fastening points by design.

More structural integrity

Screwing lumber together introduces weak spots that ultimately fail so that the co-dependent sides of your structure collapse. 2xEDGE staples fasten each piece of lumber to the ground independently letting you create modular structures.

More utility from two-by lumber

2xEDGE increases the functional uses of two-by lumber by letting you easily stand the lumber up on its long side without digging a trench or using compromising nails or screws.

Wood edging that’s unique

Unlike landscape timbers, 4x4 posts, or railroad ties, two-by lumber has a distinct, streamlined profile. 2xEDGE lets you effortlessly use this distinctive profile in your landscape.

  • Closeup of a 2xEDGE Satin Black Staple being held in the air with lawn in the background.

    ✔ DURABLE RAW STEEL. Made of 16-gauge steel, a long-lasting, endlessly  recyclable material.

  • ✔ 100% NATURAL. A landscape edging solution that ages gracefully in your landscape.

  • ✔ MADE IN THE USA. 2xEDGE steel staples are fabricated in the US Midwest.

  • ✔ A SAFE WOODEN GARDEN EDGING OPTION. No questionable preservatives such as creosote found in railroad ties.

I'm Lisa Brooks - a long time gardener, general purpose DIYer, and the creator of 2xEDGE staples.

I come from generations of small business owners and have created and operated several businesses over the last 20+ years. Now I run 2xEDGE LLC full-time.

Delivering great results for customers has always been my top priority. Delivering 2xEDGE to you is no different. I'm confident you'll get great results using 2xEDGE staples.


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