Expo! Expo! We Loved Our First Expo!

Well we did it. We made it through our first ever trade show. And we had a good time doing it!

2xEDGE was one of 150+ vendors that participated in the PBS WI Garden & Landscape Expo held in Madison, Wisconsin Feb 9-10.

We ran a booth, took part in the Expo raffle (the winner got a 2xEDGE toolkit and ten Satin Black Staples), checked out some great workshops, and connected with many other vendors.

This terrific event hosted thousands of participants - approximately 15,000 according to the final count shared by the event organizers. And we met hundreds of them each day of the show.

We were ready for them! We had a fun interactive display, monitors playing videos and rotating photos, and lots of staples on hand.

We met folks who'd never heard of 2xEDGE and some who came specifically to purchase staples in person.

We were eager to chat with folks and learn what they thought about the product. It was gratifying to hear many times over "good idea" and "looks so easy". And also to be called "clever" and a "smartypants". Fine.

People were keen to use the 2xEDGE solution to make raised beds and edge along walkways and paths. More than a few folks wanted to make a play area for grandkids. Yes you can - and they did!

There was an extensive conversation about creating a bocce ball court. Now I want my own court!

And apparently 2xEDGE could come in handy to create backyard ice rinks. Hmmmmm....

One interaction in particular stuck with me. I chatted with someone who said, "I'm really bad at all of this DIY stuff, but I think I could use 2xEDGE Staples and get a good result."

I believe it, too!

It was a good time and a great learning experience. Thanks to all who visited with us. See you next year!

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