No Really - Judge Us!

We've moved our customer reviews and ratings over to and we couldn't be more thrilled. is a customer review and ratings management system. It streamlines the process of requesting, collecting, and sharing the feedback, experience, and opinions of actual 2xEDGE customers.

The best part? puts every 2xEDGE review through an independent vetting process. They objectively confirm that a customer made a purchase, is reviewing what they purchased, and is the actual purchaser.

As a matter of fact, we had to work through an adjudication process that involved an actual human being on's customer support team to port existing reviews into the system.

It's complicated, but makes it easy.

All to say, when you read a review about 2xEDGE on our site or anywhere on the Web you can trust that it is a factual, actual review of our products shared by a bona fide 2xEDGE customer.

Look for the VERIFIED tag and know you can trust the review. Like this recent 5-star review from Diane Schneider:

Wish I saw these years ago! Ingenious! Best item ever for it's purpose.

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