"Super Easy!": An Interview With 2xEDGE Customer Gabriela Fitz

"Super Easy!": An Interview With 2xEDGE Customer Gabriela Fitz

Video: Gabi Fitz transforms the tree lawn in front of her home. (Length: 35 seconds)

Bona fide 2xEDGE customer, Gabi Fitz, used her 2xEDGE staples to install edging around the tree lawn in front of her home. She did a great job!

We asked Gabi to tell us about her experience using 2xEDGE and she graciously agreed to give her honest assessment.

With all of the landscape edging options out there, why did you choose 2xEDGE?

I wanted something that looked clean and minimal and didn't require a bunch of digging and building. I have tried at least four different kinds of edging in the past and each one fell short so I thought I would give 2xEDGE a try.

Your project used a little over 50 linear feet of lumber and eleven 2xEDGE staples. How long did it take, start to finish, to complete the project?

If we count in the time of shopping for 2x4s it probably took about 3 hours from start to finish. The install itself only took about 45 minutes.

How would you describe your 2xEDGE installation? Was it as easy/straightforward to use as we claim?

I thought it was super easy. The nice part is that the install was also very forgiving. So if I put something in the wrong place or wanted to level the board more I simply pulled the 2xEDGE back out and repositioned it. I probably could have taken a little more time to level the dirt in some spots but I am impatient and figure I can always go back in and adjust it if the dirt doesn't settle.

Thinking about the entire project - from placing your 2xEDGE order, to getting lumber, to installing - what was the most difficult part? Did anything unexpected come up that you had to figure out or navigate?

The most difficult part was selecting the lumber. Like any project that requires lumber you just need to take the extra time to find the straightest pieces with the least amount of cracks and damage. Otherwise the whole process was really straightforward. The only thing I had to navigate that was unexpected was that the sidewalk edging extends into the planting bed at a couple of places, so my 2xEDGE hit concrete when I tried to hammer it in. I just moved the whole thing in by 1/4- or 1/2-inch and the problem was solved!

On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being "it's great!", how many stars would you give the product? 

5 stars because it's great!

Last question: what would you say to folks considering this landscape edging option?

After looking for an edging solution that was both easy to install and pleasing to look at, (enough with the wavy plastic edging or collapsing brick!), I landed with 2xEDGE. These "staples" are one of those so-simple ideas I can't believe it doesn't already exist. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple, good-looking, easy (almost tool-free), solution. And extra awesome to be able to support a business designed, owned, and operated by a woman!!

Thank you so much, Gabi, for taking the time to share your experience and feedback! And many thanks for your 2xEDGE purchase, and for supporting BIPOC woman-owned small businesses!

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