Seniors installing landscape edging to their Chicago parkway garden

Another Appealing Parkway Garden

Video: Ellen Hargis and David Douglass add a giant dose of curb appeal to their parkway garden with 2xEDGE. (Length: 22 seconds)

Parkway gardening is notoriously difficult to do. And yet intrepid DIYers Ellen and David took on their piece of Chicago parkway and made gardening in the "hellstrip" look easy.

We asked about their experience using 2xEDGE for parkway edging. Here's their honest assessment.

With all of the landscape edging options out there, why did you choose 2xEDGE?

It was very attractive, easy to install, looked like it would last, and was inexpensive. The calculator on the website was perfect and clear.

Your project used just under 100 linear feet of lumber and 24 staples. How long did it take, start to finish, to complete the project?

Prep of the bed itself was lengthy - we had to remove a lot of debris and old trenched-in 4x4s. But the installation of the 2x4s and 2xEDGE took only about 90 mins.

How would you describe your 2xEDGE installation? Was it as easy/straightforward to use as we claim?

Very much so. The instructions are very clear, using both words and pictures (!!!), and made installation a breeze.

Thinking about the entire project - from placing your 2xEDGE order, to getting lumber, to installing - what was the most difficult part? Did anything unexpected come up that you had to figure out or navigate?

Preparing the site was the hardest. We had read on the website about cement ledges in Chicago parkways and were concerned about that, but only found them on one side. We ended up using an extra staple in the middle of each of our longest boards. Although they seemed sturdy, we wanted to be sure they’d stand up to pedestrian and canine traffic. They look great, besides.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being "it's great!", how many stars would you give the product?

★★★★★ 5

Last question: what would you say to folks considering this landscape edging option?

Go for it. It’s a super solution. I’m going to stain my 2x4s with natural iron vinegar stain, and then they’ll really look custom.

Thank you so much, Ellen and David, for giving 2xEDGE a try and sharing your experience - and the fabulous final results!

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