"Instant Upgrade!": An Interview With a Household of 2xEDGE Customers

"Instant Upgrade!": An Interview With a Household of 2xEDGE Customers

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2xEDGE customer household comprised of Mollie, Laurie, Erica and Nic, used their 2xEDGE staples to install edging around the parkway in front of their home and a small flower bed beside their front steps.

We asked this awesome quartet of DIY landscape enthusiasts to tell us about their experience using 2xEDGE. Here's their honest assessment.

With all of the landscape edging options out there, why did you choose 2xEDGE?

We saw it on social media and thought it looked like a simple, modern option for edging. We've tried other products and none have worked well for our property.

Two people on a break from installing landscape edging in the parkway in front of their home

Your front yard project used close to 100 linear feet of lumber and 16 2xEDGE staples. How long did it take, start to finish, to complete the project?

It took us about 3 hours, from start to finish, to complete. It would have been faster, but we ran into challenges with edging next to our sidewalk. The concrete was uneven and we had to move the edging a few inches away from the sidewalk so the staples could be properly installed. This took a little extra time to troubleshoot.

Close up of a person using a mallet to tap a 2xEDGE landscape eding staple into place

How would you describe your 2xEDGE installation? Was it as easy/straightforward to use as we claim?

It was definitely easy and straightforward to install. In fact, pounding the staples into the soil was very satisfying! As mentioned earlier, the only complication was ensuring the staples could be installed to the necessary depth.

We had to adjust our original design plan to accommodate the irregularities in the sidewalk concrete. But overall, we still accomplished the original plan and had a good time doing it.

Two people chatting and laughing while installing landscape edging

Thinking about the entire project - from placing your 2xEDGE order, to getting lumber, to installing - what was the most difficult part? Did anything unexpected come up that you had to figure out or navigate?

We learned that Chicago sidewalks do not have straight edges under the soil. We wanted to edge the parkway area between the sidewalk and curb along the outer edge and found that we couldn't install the staples to the correct depth along two of the four sides.

We had to move one edge about an inch from the sidewalk and another edge about 2 inches from the curb. We learned that it's critical to test the staples and depth before beginning the installation to ensure they can be installed.

We have already begun a second edging project in the backyard and started with this test.

Two people installing landscape edging with 2xEDGE landscape edging staples

On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being "it's great!", how many stars would you give the product?

Definitely a 5! It's an awesome product.

Last question: what would you say to folks considering this landscape edging option?

The 2xEDGE product was incredibly easy to install and has given our Chicago front yard an instant upgrade. Our neighbors have used a variety of types of materials to edge their parkway properties, the vegetation between the sidewalk and curb, and ours definitely looks the best on the block.

The 2x4 edging offers a modern, clean look without being fussy or too heavy. We love the product and the final result. We're excited to edge additional areas in our backyard later this summer.


We so appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback! Insights like these are helping us figure out how to make the product, and our support of our customers, better. So thank you! And thanks for buying and trying 2xEDGE!

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