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2xEDGE Staples

2xEDGE Staples


2xEDGE staples make it easy to use "two-by" lumber as landscape edging and garden borders. No digging or drilling needed.

$14.99 per staple.

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How many staples do I need?


DURABLE: Made of 16 gauge steel - an endlessly recyclable material.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Use with lumber that's right-sized for your specific project.

AFFORDABLE: Works with inexpensive, readily available two-by lumber.

NATURAL: Will develop a rust patina, adding texture and color to your landscape.

EASY INSTALLATION: A rubber mallet is the only tool you'll need to install.

LONG LASTING: Use lumber rated for ground contact and your edging will last for years.


Example: 10-foot long two-by lumber

  • 2 staples support up to 10 linear feet (one 10-foot board)
  • 3 staples support up to 20 linear feet (two 10-foot boards)
  • 4 staples support up to 30 linear feet (three 10-foot boards)
  • 5 staples support up to 40 linear feet (four 10-foot boards)

See our common lumber length charts to assess how many staples you’ll need to complete projects of varying lengths according to the lumber length you use.


For best results use:

  • a 16 ounce rubber mallet
  • two-by lumber (up to 2"x6") suitable for outdoor ground contact like pressure treated lumber or cedar.

Check out our "how to install" guide for complete details.


The number of staples you receive will depend on the number of staples you order.

Tools and lumber not included.


We ship products in brown, corrugated paper boxes and use brown kraft paper to pack your staples. We use recycled paper for printed materials.

All of our shipping materials can be recycled! Repurpose our packaging and use as a weed barrier in your garden!


We ship 2xEDGE in the United States. Shipping to continental US destinations via USPS is free! Typical delivery times: 2-4 days.

Have a question about shipping and delivery? Access complete details.

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We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your order to return it. We cover return shipping.

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Find out how the 2xEDGE solution compares on price with a variety (rubber, wood, metal, cement/stone) of popular edging options.


2xEDGE Complete Guide

Includes installation info, details about using 2xEDGE staples with different two-by lumber lengths, and all bundle plans.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are 2xEDGE staples made of?

2xEDGE staples are made of 16 gauge raw steel.

How long do 2xEDGE staples take to rust?

2xEDGE staples are made of raw steel. That means they might arrive on your doorstep without rust, or with some rust. In time they will rust.

Depending on your environmental conditions (location, climate, air quality, etc.), your staples may rust very quickly, or they may take more time to fully develop a rust patina. The staples we've installed in the Midwest (high humidity in summer, snow in winter, lots of spring rain) have developed a full rust patina within 6 to 8 months of installation.

More info about 2xEDGE and rust is available on our site.

How long will 2xEDGE staples last?

According to the steel fabricator that produces 2xEDGE staples, we can expect 2xEDGE staples to be viable and perform for many years, and likely last longer than the pressure treated lumber they support.

Depending on conditions, this can be decades. Assuming the worst conditions, we can expect the staples to perform as expected for at least 10-15 years.

More info about 2xEDGE and rust is available on our site.

Can I paint or coat my 2xEDGE?

Yes, you can coat your 2xEDGE. A Google search on "coatings for raw steel" or "how to protect raw steel" will turn up many options.

What size of two-by lumber do 2xEDGE staples work with?

2xEDGE staples have been tested with 2x3, 2x4, and 2x6 lumber. The staples are nine and a half inches (9.5") long and they fasten these types of lumber to the ground just great.

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ! Or get in touch!