Welcome landscape & garden designers!

Introducing 2xEDGE (two by edge), the staple that lets you easily transform “two by” lumber into unique metal + wood landscape edging.


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Get creative

Qualified design businesses can choose from 216 custom colors.

Create striking new color combinations suited to your particular projects.


A different edging profile

Make unique metal + wood edging that’s distinctly different from typical wood edging options such as railroad ties and landscape timbers.

  • Eliminate vulnerability

    No need to drill holes that weaken wood. 2xEDGE wraps around lumber, keeping it intact. Edging lasts longer. 

  • Four times the grip

    At 1.75” wide 2xEDGE has four times the grip of a landscape nail. Edging stays where it’s put.

  • Twice the stability

    2xEDGE supplies twice the stability of a nail by fastening lumber in two places. Edging is less prone to tipping.

  • Modular

    2xEDGE fastens each piece of lumber to the ground independently to create modular edging that's easy to extend, modify, and maintain.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What size lumber works with 2xEDGE?

2xEDGE staples work with common two-by lumber sizes: 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 2x6.

What are 2xEDGE staples made of?

2xEDGE staples are made in the USA out of 16 gauge steel.

How is color applied to 2xEDGE staples?

Staples are powder coated. The finish is UV-rated and resists corrosion.

What is the installation process?

Creating edging with 2xEDGE requires just one tool - a rubber mallet. No digging or drilling is needed.

Does 2xEDGE work with recycled plastic lumber?

2xEDGE will work with dimensional lumber that is 1.5 inches thick and up to 5.5 inches high regardless of what the lumber is made of - wood, wood composite, or plastic.

Only qualified designers get special deep discounts and custom color options.