About Rust

2xEDGE staples are made of raw steel. That means they might arrive on your doorstep without rust, or with some rust. In time they will rust. As intended!

While searching for landscape edging that was easy to use, affordable, and matched my environmental standards and aesthetic, I ran into the usual edging suspects that any gardener can rattle off. 

I also discovered a new-to-me niche of (not inexpensive) metal landscaping products that feature a rust patina.

What caught my eye during this search was the demand for rusted metal. This gave me hope because I, too, love rusted metal in garden and landscape design. The rust adds color, texture, and another natural dimension.

Steel is made from iron ore. Rust is a natural process that occurs when iron reacts with oxygen and water. 

According to the steel fabricator I partner with to produce 2xEDGE staples, we can expect 2xEDGE staples to be viable and perform for many years. It's likely they'll last longer than the pressure treated lumber they support.

Depending on conditions, this can be decades. Assuming the worst conditions, we can expect the staples to perform as expected for at least 10-15 years.

Based on this intel, and the overwhelming amount of pro-rust evidence I witnessed in comment streams around the Web, for the initial production run of 2xEDGE staples I opted to use raw steel which will rust.

If you like a rust patina - you're set! Just install your 2xEDGE and let Mother Nature handle the rest.

If you prefer that your 2xEDGE not develop a rust patina, you can coat it. A Google search on "how to protect raw steel" turns up many options.

I welcome feedback about any aspect of 2xEDGE staples. If you have an opinion or idea, or just want to let me know your finish preference - please get in touch

I value your perspective and will use your feedback to make decisions about modifying the 2xEDGE product line moving forward.