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Landscape Edging Project

Landscape Edging Project


Edge along your walking paths, around planting islands, and between grass and mulch beds without giving up your weekend. Use 2xEDGE staples and realize your landscape design the easy way.

Landscape Edging
$89.94 USD   $85.45 USD
You'll need 6 staples for this project
# of staples Price per staple
up to 5 $14.99
up to 10 5% off
up to 15 10% off
16+ 15% off


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    Landscape edging does so much!

    Landscape edging can be an important garden design component, helping you to organize and beautify your outdoor space.

    There are many ways to use landscape edging to good visual and functional effect:

    • edge along your walking paths and around planting islands;
    • edge flower borders; 
    • create a border between grass and mulch.


    Edging also helps you to create optimal gardening spaces. Use that extra several inches of height that landscape edging provides to add soil, compost, and mulch to your planting area and give all of your annual, perennial, vegetable, and herb plantings a chance to truly thrive!


      Receive six (6) 2xEDGE staples and create up to:

      • 50 linear feet of edging
    • Install lumber in a straight line, make garden paths, create zig-zag edging patterns - bring your garden design to life.

    Do it yourself in hours, not days.

    ✔ EASY INSTALLATION. A rubber mallet is the only tool you'll need - no digging or drilling. Easily move and reuse, and try out design ideas and garden locations.

    ✔ LONG LASTING. Use lumber rated for ground contact and your edging will last for years.

    ✔ CUSTOMIZABLE. Use with lumber that's right-sized for your specific project including off-the-shelf lengths (no cuts needed). Paint, stain - create truly unique designs.

    • ✔ DURABLE RAW STEEL. Made of 16-gauge raw steel, a long-lasting, endlessly  recyclable material.

    • Photo of a rusted 2xEDGE staple installed on a cedar 2x4 with creeping jenny plant.

      ✔ 100% NATURAL. An edging solution that ages gracefully in your landscape. (No plastic!)

    • ✔ MADE IN THE USA. 2xEDGE staples are fabricated in the US Midwest.

    • A photo of two 2x4s meeting at a corner, held in place with 2xEDGE staples, with mulch, grass, and a hosta

      ✔ A SAFE WOOD EDGING OPTION. No harmful preservatives such as creosote commonly found in railroad ties.

    • "Super satisfied"

      This literally takes minutes to install with a mallet. I hate the look of most landscape edging, but this looks so clean and seamless. Overall super satisfied and would definitely recommend this product! ~ Rachel

    • "Wonderful!"

      Used these to shore up my old garden bed borders. Wonderful! It literally took me a minute (and it was that long because I had to shovel a little to align the last board)! ~Laurie

    • "So-simple"

      These "staples" are one of those so-simple ideas I can't believe it doesn't already exist. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple, good-looking, easy (almost tool-free), solution. ~Gabi

    • "Incredibly easy"

      The 2xEDGE product was incredibly easy to install and has given our Chicago front yard an instant upgrade.... Offers a modern, clean look without being fussy or too heavy. We love the product and the final result. ~Mollie

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